How are you planning for the next drought?

Expert interview with Michael Butts

Finding answers to environmental concerns, such as water scarcity and droughts issues is a complex task. We posed five questions to our drought expert, Michael Butts.

Follow him as he walks us through this vital topic.
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Five curious facts about climate change

And more in your copy of the guidelines to achieve sustainable adaptation

Higher temperatures and changes to other climate variables are leading to sea level rise as well as changes in wave climate, coastal environments, and the availability and quality of water for irrigation and other water demands. An increased hazard of extreme events such as storms, heavy rainfall and periods of drought and water scarcity is also expected. Continue reading “Five curious facts about climate change”

Flooding: the damage, the danger, and the disruptions

And the four best ways to address it

Picture this: the skies darken and the air starts to tingle. A storm arrives and with it a deluge of rain, eager to fill up the dams and ready to tumble fast into the riverbeds. We stay inside our homes and watch the downpour, warm and cosy.

Then the rivers burst, splashing into the streets, seeping through the cities and flooding muddy waters into our once cosy homes. The world can change on the whim of nature and it can happen in a matter of hours, or even minutes. Continue reading “Flooding: the damage, the danger, and the disruptions”