2020 marks the start of not just a new year, but a fresh new decade – a perfect time to reflect upon what is coming and prioritise where to focus efforts next.

The Water Industry will most likely endure several changes in the years to come due to rapid urbanisation, severe climate changes, rising customer demands and the implementation of emerging digital technologies. These changes will leave the industry with a complex set of challenges that should be addressed and adopted to in order to stay competitive. Continue reading “Five major challenges and opportunities impacting the Water Industry in the years to come”

4 tips to kickstart your customer co-creation initiative

As times and needs evolve, the role of the consumer has changed. From being isolated, they are now connected; from being unaware, they are now informed. And from being passive in the creation process, they are now participating more actively than ever before. 

According to professors Prahalad and Venkatram Ramaswamy in their journal article ‘Co‐creating unique value with customers’, co-creation is ‘the joint creation of value by the company and the customer; allowing the customer to co-construct the service experience to suit their context’.   Continue reading “4 tips to kickstart your customer co-creation initiative”

7 questions for the User Experience designer

User experience design (often termed ‘UX’) is the process of creating products that provide meaningful, relevant and satisfying experiences to users. Most of you are likely to hear the term ‘UX Designer’ coming up more often nowadays. Just what does a UX designer do? Is this a ‘new’ thing? What’s the real background process of creating all these cool stuff?

Get up close and personal with our UX Designers Anna Katrine Høgh Andersen and Luca Mottadelli as they answer our 7 burning questions. Continue reading “7 questions for the User Experience designer”

Why empathy is the key to providing a great customer experience

According to the Cambridge dictionary, customer service is ‘the way that an organisation deals with customers before, during, and after a sale, and the activities involved in dealing with customers.’

Technically, the above is right. But these actions will not result in a great customer experience without empathy. Continue reading “Why empathy is the key to providing a great customer experience”